The Virus and Us

Published in Tribune on 24th July 2020 at

Colonialism as a phenomenon and Epidemiology as a science were, until recently, the purview of academics. Journalists dabbled in these ideas from some distance, more as social commentators and less as experts. With statues coming down and viruses running rampant, everyone is an ‘expert’ on these real live events because everyone has a stake. We humans are deeply affected by both; institutional colonialism and the killer virus ruin us, one slowly and the other immediately. Continue reading on Tribune

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By Ghazala Rahman Rafiq

Ghazala Rahman Rafiq is the director at the Sindh Abhyas Academy at SZABIST, Karachi

2 replies on “The Virus and Us”

Very well written, and serves as a great warning of the need for greater scientific literacy in our societies across the globe. It deeply saddens me that in a country with the wealth, resources, and access to education, both formal and from peer-reviewed studies online, far too many people in the United States have little to no scientific literacy. This has become strikingly clear in the public debate around COVID-19 and climate change. Thank you for your excellent writing.

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